Meet Patrick

Today starts our “Fun Facts Fridays”, for the next few weeks we will talk to a member of the band and ask them a few questions to give everyone a chance to get to know all of us better. 

This week we are talking to Patrick Russell who has been with us for a few years now. Patrick plays mandolin, guitar and fiddle with us and on a few tunes even picks up the mandola to give the song a bit more flavor. Patrick is also a songwriter and has written a great many songs that we currently perform as a band. He was born and raised in Speedwell, Tennessee, which is north of Knoxville near Cumberland Gap which seems like a pretty natural place for a bluegrass musician to grow up. Lets ask a few questions of Patrick and see what he has to say. 

When did you first hear bluegrass? 

I have loved bluegrass since I was a young boy before I even started school and I took that love of bluegrass with me around the world during my Army career. 

Who has influenced your playing style? 

A flat picker from North Carolina named Arthel, better known as Doc Watson, influenced my playing the most. Doc always expressed a genuine love of bluegrass music, plus a love of the folks in the audience, which had a huge impact on me. 

What do you love about the music? 

how open and diverse the music can be and how much room there still is for everyone. Take Doc Watson and Doyle Lawson for instance, The two artists have a vastly different approach to bluegrass, and both are and where very successful, that’s a part of bluegrass that I really love. 

Who is someone you would love to pick with? 

I would love to pick a tune with Doyle Lawson. Maybe one day, here or there. 

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Patrick or any of the band members drop us a note here or on our Facebook Page and we will be glad to answer back.